summer slump in recruiting
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Summer Slump in Recruiting – all just a Myth?

Contrary to rumours - this is how the summer encourages new applications

More personnel in the office alone – when colleagues are on holiday and no new applications come in, then we often talk about the summer slump! Is this low just imagination or is it actually reality? Between facts and figures we reveal why there is no real summer slump in recruiting!

summer slump in recruiting

Myth of a summer slump in recruiting

An unbroken wisdom on many career platforms to this day:

“Don’t apply in the summer, there are many decision-makers on holiday and the application process is enormously slowed down.”

Such statements often promote the rather fictitious summer slump in applications. In fact, summer offers many opportunities for applicants. Recruiting doesn’t sleep in summer either!

Most job advertisements are placed in summer

A current study of the index Anzeigendaten proves it – most job advertisements are placed in summer. In recent years alone, up to 12,000 more job advertisements were published in June, July and August than the usual annual average. A summer slump in recruiting does not seem to exist!


How the summer slump in the office encourages applications

The actual summer slump is generated in the companies themselves, often by the absence of colleagues during the holiday phase.

Everyone knows this situation – outside are over 30 degrees and you are sitting almost alone in the office, motivation is dropping. Many start at this point to reflect on the situation and also to think about changes. It is not uncommon for people to think about changing jobs.

If potential applicants then come across numerous attractive job advertisements, their willingness to change increases. This means that summer is also often the time when applications are being prepared. After a relaxed holiday, many employees go directly and motivated into the active application phase.

CONCLUSION - no summer slump in recruiting

The summer slump in recruiting, more of a myth. The figures prove that the job market has many advertisements to offer, especially in the warmest time of the year. More personnel are therefore also busy in the summer! Even if the applications are still a long time in coming – an increased willingness to change is certainly given.

In addition to placing attractive job advertisements, recruiters should always use the summer to proactively approach applicants. Active sourcing and good employer branding therefore pay off.

We wish you every success in recruiting also in the summer months.

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