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How important is Social Media for good Employer Branding

Why Social Media is becoming increasingly important for Employee Recruitment

Employer branding is becoming increasingly important. This has been stated for years in specialist articles, but also in current publications. An absolute understatement! Employer branding is not becoming increasingly important – it IS an established and important component of recruiting for companies. Whoever deals with the topic of employer branding cannot avoid social media. Social Media Manager Katja Brauchle explains the importance of social networks in the recruiting process.

Employer Branding Social Media

Social networks are indispensable in times of digitalization. Because not only the future employees of the so-called Generation Z are digital natives. Those firmly established in their profession for several years and currently hotly contested candidates are also very familiar with the World Wide Web. Millennials want to get a comprehensive picture of their potential new employer in advance and those who are not to be found on social media are quickly defeated.

Some companies argue, however, that they have no relevant topics. But for most businesses that’s definitely not the case. You don’t have to take your product apart from the front to the back and present a different (boring) technical fact on Facebook every day.

The Difference - Own Website and Social Media

Your website is meant to present all the important facts, dry figures and to show which products and services your company offers. On social media, however, this is far less important – of course, if you have a great job to fill, you can also post a job ad. Sure, product information may also appear on your timeline every now and then. However, this should not be the main content of your social appearances.

Show the people who make your company what it is. Show clearly why your company is a better employer than your competitor two kilometres away.

How Employer Branding works in the Social Media

Particularly young talents want to work for “hip” companies. It is no longer just about having a secure job and ideally doing exciting work. They know exactly they spend at least eight hours five days a week at work – this time should also be filled with meaning. In addition to the seriousness of the matter, the fun must not be neglected either. They no longer want a simple description of their future tasks, but are also interested in benefits and the team.

Employer Branding Social Media Mitarbeiter

Tell stories about your employees. Does anyone have an unusual hobby? Why not share this with your fans and followers?

These are exactly the topics that you as an entrepreneur should present well on your social media channels. Just look beyond your own nose.

Employer Branding Social Media Homeoffice

Does everyone have the flexibility to work from home or at the lake once a week? Put it out there.

Employer Branding Social Media Kaffee

Your coffee tastes better than the Italian one from around the corner? A nice picture, a short text, that’s all it takes.

The chances to find suitable talents via social media are high and a well-kept appearance with exciting posts can be the key to success.

Personnel marketing on all channels?

It is common thinking in executive offices that you need to serve every single social media channel as soon as it has started. This is absolutely not the case! You don’t have to use every channel from Facebook and Twitter over Instagram to LinkedIn.

Define your target group precisely and determine which platforms they are using. Often these will be the professional platforms Xing and LinkedIn, but Instagram is also becoming increasingly important across target groups. And contrary to current claims, Facebook is still an important, growing channel.

Important: Do not post the same content on all channels. Monitor what your target group is doing on the respective platforms and design your content accordingly.


Don’t be afraid of social media, take an offensive approach if there is no strategy in your company. However, please do not rely on existing personnel, who may only know their way around superficially. Because with all the advantages offered by social media, there are also plenty of pitfalls to consider. A social media expert is the right person to promote your employer brand optimally.

About our guest author

Katja Brauchle Gastautorin Searchtalent
Katja Brauchle
Content & Social Media Managerin

Katja Brauchle holds a master’s degree in socio-cultural anthropology from the LMU Munich. She has been working in the fields of online marketing and communication for many years and currently works as content and social media manager at PNM. Recruiting. Consulting, a recruiting agency in the heart of Ulm. Here she takes care of the social channels, the website and the corporate blog. When she is not spending time in the office or at her desk at home, she volunteers at the Ulm Concentration Camp Memorial.

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