Recruiting auf Karrieremessen Recruiter Flamingo
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Why to find the right Applicants with good Flamingos!

A bunch of colourful birds - recruiting at career fairs

Job and career fairs take place regularly in all parts of Germany – exactly the opportunity for companies to present themselves as potential business partners and attractive employers. An exact realization of the fair appearance should be planned intensively in advance. Goals must be clearly defined! How to plan the perfect recruiting on career fairs with the right birds, we would like to show today in an informative contribution.

Recruiting auf Karrieremessen Recruiter Flamingo

The Business Eagle - A strategist is more likely to reach his goal

The business eagle has everything in focus and is a tactical strategist who never lets his goal out of sight. A perfect trade fair appearance just doesn’t happen by itself. As already mentioned, good preparation is absolutely essential for recruiting success at any event. In the first step, therefore, the objectives must be defined in order to plan an appropriate strategy effectively.

Possible targets are:

Recruiting auf Karrieremessen Business Adler

Ideally, the role of the eagle is assumed by the marketing department or comparable positions. Agencies also know their way around here!

The shimmering peacock - booth suitably arrange

A peacock is known to shine with its magnificent feathers. However, he does not take to the skies in his search for a partner and thus presents himself as conspicuous but down-to-earth – an important principle. This is also the basis for the design of the booth.

If you want to recruit at career fairs, you should always do without the impressive pedestal and the public one-man monologue, which does not mean that the booth should be boringly designed. The principle (as with peacocks) – striking, but at eye level. An booth must be open, inviting and above all lively. Instead of relying on “dead” materials, information is now often used for applicant communication on screen and in moving images. Open positions must be presented in a striking and simple way. Brochures and other information material provide support. Recruiting at career fairs primarily means communicating about the status:

“Hey, we’re an attractive employer and we still have some vacancies!”

Recruiting auf Karrieremessen Pfau

Recruiters are also only flamingos - communicative team

The Flamingo is an extremely sociable bird that lives in large colonies. Teamwork, openness and good communication are essential for a good and social life! The same often applies to HR managers.


For good recruiting at career fairs, one should think carefully in advance about which employees can best represent the company locally. Friendly, communicative, open and sociable – the appropriate characteristics that distinguish the stand personnel. The team should consist of both HR staff and employees from the specialist departments.

Tip: Some business eagles can’t hurt here!

Recruiter flamingos are particularly in demand with the aim of finding applicants. They answer questions from potential applicants and ensure that the company shows its best side. In preparation, HR´ler and recruiters should receive extensive training on the subject of “communication at trade fairs”.

The Feelgood Parrot - The right communication

Each personaler should take the principle of the Feelgood parrots to the fair also to heart:

“No matter who comes, I’m open for conversation and welcome everyone friendly and courteous!”

Of course it will happen that one or the other visitor will only get lost to the stand by chance. Irrespective of this, there should be a few additional tips available for everyone. Any form of interest should be rewarded by the stand staff. Ultimately, a trade fair presence always means image cultivation for your own company. Every satisfied visitor to the stand can become an indirect advertising ambassador in the future.

Recruiting auf Karrieremessen Feelgood Papagei


Who plans the perfect recruiting on career fairs, should have all mentioned colorful birds together. Only through good organisation, design and communication can a company remain positively in the memory of potential applicants and at the same time strengthen its image as an employer brand. The right preparation of the fair is essential!

With this in mind, we wish you great success in recruiting at career fairs!

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