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Reason for termination: office – the working environment is so important

Every tenth person from GenY has already quit because of the office design

The immediate working environment is becoming increasingly important, especially for office workers, as a new study by coworking provider Mindspace confirms. The following facts and figures reveal why office design is increasingly becoming a reason for dismissal and what constitutes a good working environment.

reason termination office design

Who does not know it – The office is so boringly designed that one submits the notice the next day – actually true! According to a new survey by Mindspace and the market research company OnePoll, the importance of the work environment is increasing enormously. For example, one in ten of Generation Y states that they have already given notice because of the office design. A total of 13% of Germans even reject a new job if office appearance and equipment do not meet expectations.

Office design has a great influence on the well-being of employees. Especially the 18-34 age group feels influenced by his immediate working environment. Even 14% feel stressed by the circumstances in the office. In addition, every fourth person in this age group gets tired of the design and comfort of the working environment. At least one in ten of this group of employees is not satisfied with their own office.

This is how Generation Y sees its own workplace

For me, office design has already become a reason for dismissal.


I feel fatigued by the design, layout and comfort of my office.


I feel stressed by my work environment.


The office design helps me to exchange ideas with my colleagues.


Employees older than 34, by comparison, are more easily inspired by the working environment. But what factors make an office an oasis of well-being? An overview of the most important criteria.

Feel-good factors in the office



character and charm of work rooms

furniture and equipment

lighting quality

proximity to snack bars/restaurant/shops

air and temperature



work organisation

size/space in the office

adaptability of chairs and tables

quality/user-friendliness of technical equipment

Team project office design

Searchtalent Büro Berlin Office Design
Team project office design by Searchtalent

A good working atmosphere increases productivity and well-being and thus employee loyalty (see also Employer Branding). If you want to think more carefully about the optimal office design, you should simply ask the employees themselves. The creative redesign can thus become a team project and bring a breath of fresh air into the office.

Who offers rooms (both physically and psychologically) can score points with his employees. Creative design and the freedom of working styles and characters are the key to success.

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