poets and thinkers have to do with digitization
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What do Poets and Thinkers have to do with Digitization?

With these 4 Tips, Recruiters are ready for Digitalization!

AI and digital tools are becoming increasingly relevant in recruiting every year. Many advantages result from the use of new innovative possibilities, but if your own company is not yet ready for digitization, you quickly fall by the wayside. We therefore give recruiters 4 tips to make effective and timely use of the opportunities offered by digitization.

poets and thinkers have to do with digitization

»Nothing in the history of life is more constant than change.«
Charles Darwin über Wandel
Charles Darwin
English naturalist

People, society and companies are subject to constant change. Especially cultural change is omnipresent for recruiters. In addition to demographic, generational and social change, the focus is on digitization.

If you don’t want to miss out on innovative possibilities in personnel recruitment, you should take your first steps on the digital path now at the latest. Only those who actively adapt to digitization will also benefit from its advantages.

4 Tips for Recruiters - Ready for Digitization

1. to sensitize the company management for digitization

According to a  study by Xing, 67% of HR managers consider the digitization of recruiting to be extremely relevant – only 35% of managing directors see it the same way. For this reason, the management level in particular must be made aware of the importance of digitization. Here the right arguments can score, which can already be proven by facts and figures. Who wants to convince the executive floor, should communicate clearly that the digitization of the Recruitings has positive effects on the entire entrepreneurial success.

»Changes must not only be initiated by the top management, they must also begin there.«
William Wiggenhorn über Wandel
William Wiggenhorn
American Manager/Motorola

2. proactively use all channels

Digitalization offers space for more time and new possibilities. Thanks to new tools, it is possible to communicate faster, more effectively and more extensively. Contacts must now be maintained more constantly and an employer brand must be presented transparently on all channels. Digitalization is the ideal way to combine channels and make better use of them. Instead of focusing on one option, you can now, for example, use proactive candidate approach, job advertisements, recommendation recruiting and much more in a broad portfolio for yourself. One should prepare oneself for this diversity.

»Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for change.«
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe über Wandel
Johann Wolfgang of Goethe
German poet

3. redefine your recruiting role

More variety and flexibility also requires variable skills. Not everyone has to become a recruiting generalist, but mastering several recruiting roles can be an advantage in times of digitalization. Next Generation Recruiters go beyond the classic recruiting process. They are true brand ambassadors, use employer branding and are analytically familiar with the digital data pool.

»You can change the world or yourself. The second is more difficult.«
Mark Twain über Wandel
Mark Twain
American writer

4. understand and allow digitization and its opportunities

The challenges of the shortage of skilled workers and the war for talent will soon be impossible to overcome without the new possibilities of digitization. Recruiters must have the courage to change as a basis and this also includes allowing innovations.

For example, 40% of Germans still feel negative feelings, such as fear, as AI continues to evolve. If we don’t go beyond that fear, we can’t use AI to make workflows more efficient than ever before.

»You don’t discover new parts of the world without having the courage to lose sight of old coasts.«
André Gide über Wandel
André Gide
French writer, Nobel Prize winner


Change has always existed - today it only bears the face of digitization

The integrated quotations show that man has always been and always will be confronted with constant change. These wisdoms come from people who had the courage to change or even put forward their own innovative theses of their time. Not least for these reasons, their names are still well-known to many people today. So we have long known how to deal with digitization.

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