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How Personnel Management works for Employees over 50

Flexible working models for employees over 50

Between the shortage of skilled workers and demographic change, companies must increasingly focus on the satisfaction of employees over 50. Last but not least, their experience, their network and their cognitive pragmatism often make this generation indispensable in a functioning corporate culture. An early departure of these employees – often fatal! We show how a flexible working model can greatly promote employee retention beyond retirement age.

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he most experienced employees are often indispensable for a company. All the worse, therefore, if precisely these esteemed employees leave the company early. But how can this be prevented? For 50+ employees, the work must above all be flexible and meaningful. This statement is supported by numerous studies – the solution for perfect personnel management 50+ is therefore a flexible working model.

The flexible working model

In any case, the ideal model for employees over 50 should cover all important needs of the target group. We have listed some important factors here:

meaningful activities

work-life balance

individual organisation


The aim of the flexible working model is to specifically promote the satisfaction, motivation and productivity of the employees over 50 and thus to achieve a voluntary commitment until retirement age or even beyond.

The implementation of the working model for employees over 50

As the word FLEXIBLE reveals, the respective working model is individually tailored to the employee. The employee is given the opportunity to organise his or her working day and to organize himself or herself. On the basis of the criteria mentioned, we show how the flexible working model can be implemented.

Meaningful activities within the framework of individual organisation

Employees can replace previous activities with new tasks. According to their strengths, they can exert great influence in the areas of mentoring, consulting, coaching and project work, for example, and make effective use of their experience and their ability to reflect. In doing so, the employees are offered greater scope for development and opportunities for self-organisation.

Work-Life-Balance and more health

A higher level of life satisfaction is achieved with a steady reduction in the degree of employment until retirement. In short – employees over 50 have time out. More free time promotes productivity and not least the mental and physical condition. Those who are satisfied and healthy stay longer at work!

The flexible working model works so well

Such models have already been tested in practice. Studies also show that employees would remain in the company beyond retirement age within the framework of a flexible working model.

I would like to work with a flexible working model until retirement.


I would like to work beyond retirement with a flexible working model.


As with Generation Z and Y, it is worth taking an individual approach to the corresponding group of employees. Personnel management for employees over 50 means appreciation, trust and respect. With a flexible working model, employees can once again develop freely – so you offer opportunities and you will get a lot back!

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