Future without Cover Letter
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5 Reasons for a Future without Cover Letter

Why the cover letter is becoming less and less important

In future, applications to Deutsche Bahn can be submitted without a cover letter. This message triggered numerous discussions, not only among HR staff. You can find out now why not sending letters of application can be an advantage and what reasons speak in favour of this step.

Future without Cover Letter

In future, Deutsche Bahn will also accept applications from trainees without a cover letter. All that is required on the online application platform is a CV and certificate. The aim of this strategy is to simplify the application process and thus recruit 3600 trainees.

Here are 5 reasons why companies should not send letters of application:

1. fewer application hurdles for the candidates

Writing a cover letter is very difficult for many candidates. If you want to make it as easy as possible for applicants, you can do without this measure. This applies in particular to companies that do not continuously receive qualified applications. In times of a shortage of skilled workers and increasing orientation towards candidates themselves, the simplification of the application process can provide a considerable advantage.

2. high time saving

A cover letter not only costs the applicant time, but also HR staff invest many hours in reading the candidates’ formulated sentences. Save time for applicants and recruiters – much more likely without a cover letter.

3. no more standard formulations

“Even as a child I dreamt about it…” or “here I could prove my competence” – sentences that have been read many times and were usually copied from the first sample letter on the net. The expressiveness of these phrases is no longer of importance. It is not unusual for one and the same cover letter to be sent to a large number of companies; the smaller adjustments only make a small difference.

4. not everyone has to be a great lyricist

If you are applying as a Content Writer, you should of course be able to write a meaningful text for your cover letter. But is it so important that carers for the elderly, bus drivers and the like have to write masterful letters of application? The question at this point – how important is a cover letter for certain professions? It is not uncommon for forced letters to distort the view of applicants.

5. cover letter never says as much as an interview

An application without a cover letter – isn’t the personal component missing here? If you want to meet your candidates and find out whether it really fits, you are invited to an interview. Motivation and personality can only be recognized in practice – body language, facial expressions and choice of words reveal everything you need to know. You can also ask questions directly and see whether answers have been rehearsed or are true. A cover letter cannot offer these factors!

CONCLUSION - Never again an application?

The fact is – despite various advantages, the cover letter will remain with us for a long time to come. Changes must first become established. In this case, Deutsche Bahn is a real pioneer, especially among large and conservative companies, when it comes to applications without a cover letter. In start-ups, on the other hand, it often happens that the recruiting process is simple and uncomplicated. Everyone has his or her own experience and point of view on this topic. For many, a cover letter is a must. So it remains to be seen where this trend is heading. We think – just try it out and take the next step.

With this in mind, we wish you success in recruiting.

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