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Why we don’t see Career Changers

Eyes open - giving Career Changers a Chance

The shortage of skilled workers is still an acute problem. Despite these circumstances, many companies tend to give less consideration to a significant group of jobseekers – the career changers. This article reveals why career changers should be more in the focus of recruiting.


The Germans are often known for their particular thoroughness and their inclination towards systematics and order – this phenomenon is also called cultural imprinting. When it comes to recruiting, we also want to have the right employee at the right workplace. A straightforward curriculum vitae and years of professional experience – that’s what every recruiter likes to see. In fact, career changers have far fewer chances of finding a job than „model candidates“ who fit into the standard framework.

Who's a Career Changer?

A career changer is a person who moves from a foreign industry to a new field of activity without having completed the „classic“ professional training or studies that are otherwise common.en.

Why we don’t see Career Changers?

Career changers in this country have less chances not only because of our cultural influence. It is often assumed that career changers represent a higher risk of misemployment because they do not seem to have sufficient experience in the relevant areas. Without proof of knowledge, we usually remain sceptical. In addition, the training period for career changers may be longer and more intensive to manage.

That's why Career Changers are interesting for Companies

As a career changer you have to struggle with some prejudices, but do we really still live in a time in which only degrees and certificates count? In addition to all the qualifications, Cultural Fit is increasingly becoming an issue in many companies. Cultural Fit is all about how well a person’s personality fits the company. In this case, no matter what your background is, we are looking for a character that suits us.

In addition, self-responsible learning and willingness to change are increasingly demanded in job advertisements. If someone is able to think across the board and is ready for new knowledge, then it is highly probable that they are career changers.

Change, restructuring and transformation – words that are easily transferable to the current world of work. Trends such as agility, new work and WOL are also becoming increasingly important in the context of digitization. Why in such a world should one only go by expectations and one’s own selection criteria? Here, too, career changers often have the decisive prerequisites for the future – a broad spectrum of knowledge, numerous soft skills and the ability to change perspectives.

You don’t always need specialists, sometimes you just need natural talents! Recruiters have to open up to this knowledge in order to attract a larger target group.

How can we Focus more on Career Changers?

Above all, personnel managers must be courageous and have the will to go a new way in order to initiate a cultural change in their own company. It is enormously important not only to rely on factual figures in your CV and so on, but also on your own intuition and knowledge of human nature. It’s not about the degree, it’s about the question:

Does this person fit the team and can this person fill our position well?

Another important task in recruitingcareer changers must be included in job advertisements and directly invited to apply. Often, specific requirements for a degree discourage and do not only inhibit career changers from applying. At this point one should give more space and not carve anything in stone. Standardized forms for online applications should also be designed more for the individual strengths and experiences of the candidates and less for uploading certificates and other documents.

In order to get to know the candidates better, it is not only worth taking a look at the documents in the case of career changers, but also a telephone interview in advance and, if necessary, a test paper in order to check the suitability of the applicant in detail. Here, too, career changers can often score points with a lot of initiative and innovation. Especially for companies in development and change phases, this is a real gain.


That's how you give Career Changers more Chances:


The past has also shown that it is worth breaking new ground. Companies and their employees can benefit in many ways from career changers. If you need a fresh breeze in your team and want to look at projects from a new perspective, you should not always rely on a specialist with a perfect CV. A natural talent with a broad spectrum of experience can be a better choice in some cases. So – open your eyes, give career changers a chance.

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