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AWS Summit 2019 – Bringing technologists in Germany together

Event Review: AWS Summit 2019 in Berlin

AWS Summit 2019 everything you need to know about new services and architecture to performance and operations in the cloud environment. Prabhu and a few other Searchtalent team members visited the annual AWS Summit in Berlin. Here you can get deeper insights of their experiences.


My team and I had benefited with the visit of AWS (Amazon Web Services) Summit. The exhibition was to give an idea about cloud computing, which AWS provided and its best support for creating innovative products. It was a two-day event covering a variety of topics such as AI/Machine Learning (ML), IoT and Databases etc. Moreover, it has given an opportunity to learn something new about the AWS platform and to know the experiences of German customers as well as other innovative products from different Start-ups in Germany.

AWS Summit has provided more than 100 sessions and workshops in different levels and different categories such as DevOps, IoT, Mobile, AI/ML and Data Bases. They were held in 6 halls plus a keynote hall. More than 60 sponsors and exhibitors attended as well to introduce their latest products in combination with AWS tools.

Top ranked Keynote Speaker from AWS and other companies presented high quality speeches at the AWS Summit. Additionally, the summit has organised some activities namely interaction with the AWS team and AWS training & certifications. It was a pleasant experience for our team especially for the junior team from our company.

 “I attended the AWS Summit to know about AWS and the products EC2 and Elastic Beanstalk (scalable computing capacity in the cloud), which we are using for our software. Furthermore, I would like to know the best way of having a deeper understanding of EC2 and E.B. and which products can be interesting/useful for our company?” 
Mahar C. Pelipada
Junior software developer

AWS Summit 2019 - Day 1


Day 1 focused on providing an introductory session for beginners, also for some basic knowledge of attendees. However, I have attended a few of the sessions. One of them was “choosing the right databases”.  AWS is well known for providing different types of databases support. However, each application required in relevant database support.

Summarizing “GraphQL and DynamoDB are more interesting for our organization. In this session, they provided their advantages including their applications. From the session “building a smart application with conventional interfaces language services”, it provides an overview for maintaining an application such as natural language processing, text to speech and machine translation in a cost-effective way and its scalability on AWS platform. Also, their support to small scale business and how they are gaining additional advantage from the AWS AI/ML tools.  

Also part of our experiences on this day has been a presentation by Jonathan Weiss from AWS contained a deeper understanding of AWS management tools, which is an advantage for IT, Data Scientists or system administrators, concerning extending knowledge. There are plenty of sessions providing fundamental knowledge to make use of varieties of technologies according to one’s industrial use case.

AWS Summit 2019 - Day 2


On the second day, the sessions were prepared for more advanced technical professionals. Concerning AI/ML sessions have given a technical depth of the AWS pre-implemented ML tools. Additionally, one session “Breaking Language Barrier with AI” has provided an idea for developers and engineers to make use of AI services with minimal coding effort. Furthermore, AWS has organised different department teams. One of the teams, especially for AI/ML, have guided AI/ ML services and relevant free tutorials for beginners. There are a variety of certification courses were also offered by the AWS for free. Furthermore, from the keynote talk, the speakers have motivated others through their journey to the digitalisation.



I have been the first time visiting the AWS Summit within my technical career. I thought it might be helpful for me to extend my knowledge more on AWS usage. Also, I can make use of that knowledge for our Searchtalent projects. After attending seminars, I have got more insights on AWS, especially AI/ML application-oriented services. I have engaged in discussions with the tech experts. They have shared with me their domain expertise of their projects.

Additionally, AWS provided their technical expertise to help beginners to make use of AWS for respective fields. There I have learned additional information about AWS agemaker, Lambda functionality etc.. Since it is important to have database and hosting applications online, I got to know cost effective services and course materials from this summit. This experience showed me to differentiate the power of Searchtalent and how we can optimize applications, our use of the data base. I felt encouraged to take more challenges and to solve them. I can highly recommend the next summit to everyone who wants to expand his knowledge about data bases, AI/ML and cloud based services.

Prabhu Appalapuri
Data Scientist Searchtalent

Prabhu is Data Scientist at Searchtalent. He recently finished his master thesis in the field of NLP using Deep Learning techniques within Searchtalent. Currently, he is working on the „Searchtalent Project“ to automate the recruiting process in a disruptive way that never existed before. He is very enthusiastic to gain more profound insights in ML and to develop tools using ML that fits best for creating a disruptive Headhunting-solution.

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