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Application interview – these 4 questions reveal whether an applicant fits!

How well does an applicant fit into the corporate culture?

Hardly any other stage in the recruiting process reveals as much about applicants as a personal interview. Job interviews are and will always be an important position in recruiting. In addition to the assessment of professional suitability, Cultural Fit now also plays an essential role in the final decision for or against a candidate. But with the right questions you can quickly find out whether an applicant fits the corporate culture.

interview questions applicant fits

“I still have a few questions” – an interview is always the right time to find out more about an applicant’s personality and draw final conclusions about their suitability. If a candidate fits the corporate culture, a productive cooperation with higher satisfaction and motivation is virtually pre-programmed for both sides. The following 4 questions will show you how compatible a candidate is with the corporate culture.

1. How did you feel about the working atmosphere at your previous employer?

When applicants talk about past employers, they also reveal a lot about themselves. Here is not only important WHAT is told, but also HOW it is said. At this point, you not only learn a lot about the character of the applicant, but also how strongly the candidate has dealt with the topics of working atmosphere and corporate culture.

2. What was the best boss you ever had?

This question clearly shows how the candidate imagines his preferred working atmosphere. Does the applicant like it more open and personal or does he prefer to enjoy the distance? Which communication channels are preferred and what is really important to the applicant? All these questions can be resolved here.

The ideal corporate culture for the candidate:


direct communication












indirect communication




leadership by others

3. How have you resolved conflicts with colleagues in the past?

In this question, the applicants should report on a personal story with concrete examples. Mostly candidates talk more honestly about real situations. Conflicts are normal and present in every corporate culture. With this question you clarify how a candidate deals with colleagues in different situations.

You can learn more about these qualities of the applicant:



sense of justice

social inclusion


team spirit





4 How important is feedback to you?

Feedback and corporate culture are closely linked. With this question you will find out where the applicant’s focus lies. What kind of feedback is he interested in? Is it about performance or about the assessment of his person? How often is feedback needed, once a year or weekly? Here you learn how performance-oriented and self-confident a candidate is and can thus assess how well the candidate fits into the company.

What the feedback answer says:

Annual feedback:

The candidate is very sure of himself and his abilities.

Feedback about your own performance:

Performance-oriented and ambitious

Weekly feedback:

The candidate is rather unsure of himself and his abilities.

Feedback about yourself:

Self-centered, social interest to fit in

These questions can be of considerable help in assessing candidates during job interviews. To measure Cultural Fit correctly, you should ask all applicants the same questions to compare them. The prerequisite for such interviews is that you really know the corporate culture and can therefore also compare whether an applicant really fits in.

We wish you continued success in recruiting!

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